Friday, February 6, 2009

All Over Cables Hat

This is a pattern I recently made up. I have seen SO many hats that look like this, but I didn't want to spend $5 or more to be able to knit them. So after observing many of these hats in pictures and on people's heads, I got a feel for how to actually knit one! I am excited because the pattern turned out REALLY well. I just chose the wrong color of yarn (hence the black and white photo...)

Here is a link to the pattern, which can also be viewed by clicking on "All Over Cables Hat" in the "My Patterns" section.

Anyway, I wrote some notes on this pattern that I will paste below:

Notes from Linz:

For this hat, we will start by knitting ear flaps, then casting on stitches for the front and the back of the hat and joining the two ends together. I would say that this hat would be best for a knitter who is already familiar with hats, ear flaps, and cables, but I'll give a high five to anyone who chooses this for a first or second project :)

The main techniques that you need to know are:

The Knit and Purl Stitches,



Decreasing, and

Weaving in ends.

Even if you have NEVER done cables, don't be scared! I'm here to hold your hand—they really aren't that bad! Cables are made by switching the order of stitches before you knit them. The cable needle will come in handy so you don't drop your stitches while trying to re-arrange them.

Anyway—enjoy this fun pattern!


Jewel said...

I like it, very cute!

Matt said...

The pattern says to start "your cable pattern" in making the ear flaps. What cable pattern(s) did you use for this hat?

Thanks for the hat pattern. I love, love this hat.

Lindsay said...

For the cable pattern, I just did a basic braid (by alternating crossing the stitches to the middle from each side) every other right side row. I will add a cable chart when I have time. Sorry!!

Hwa Mi said...

Is the cable pattern for 3 braids or 2?

Lindsay said...

Each "Braid Cable" has 3 sections (like you're braiding hair) and there are 6 "Braid Cables" total around the hat. Let me know if you have more questions!

Hwa Mi said...

Is there a link or description on the cable directions?

Lindsay said...

The instructions for the cable pattern are on the chart that comes with the pattern. If you click on the pattern link called "All Over Cables Hat," you should be directed to the pattern. The widest part of the chart is what I kept repeating around the hat until I decreased for the top.