Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Knit List

It's about time to start making a knit list for the winter season... I want the knitted treasures to be a surprise, so I won't spoil them until after they are given away. I enjoy knitting for people--especially if they appreciate the things I have made. Every once in a while I talk to or see an old friend who has one of my knitted items. (I am usually a little embarrassed because I think of how much better I could make that item now that I have some more experience!) Even if I am a little bit bashful while talking to these people (you know who you are!) I genuinely appreciate the love and adoration given to these knitted things (even if you are just saying those nice things to make me feel better--it works) THANK YOU.

On another note, my birthday was this month, and this is a picture of some of the yarn I spun from birthday roving! (I can't wait to knit it up!)
I've got some more birthday roving that I am excited to start spinning. I haven't had time for it yet, but I am looking forward to a day filled with that soon-to-be yarn!

This hat has been done for A VERY LONG TIME...about a year, I'd say. But I haven't thought about photographing it at all since making it. I really like it--it reminds me of a poodle (because of the bobbles.)
Crocheted Bobble Beret with buttons! It is very loose and a little scratchy, but I love how it looks and it IS comfy and warm.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blurb..