Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Riding TRAX

Last week, school started. I rode the TRAX, which is a light rail train that runs through Salt Lake City. I decided to bring my knitting so that I'd have something to do other than looking at the other people. On my way home, a man sat across from me and I guess he was watching me for a minute, because he said, "Excuse me, can I ask what you are doing?" I told him that I was knitting, but I didn't get to elaborate too much because all of a sudden, he started going off on how "women" always do that kind of stuff and "women" like sewing and doing crafty things and "women" are the ONLY ones who EVER knit and sew and crochet and so on...

I wish that I could have jumped in and said something about how women are NOT the only ones who do this! There are millions of other people around the world who knit (Men, women, old people, young people, people in Canada, people in China...Knitters are everywhere)! Maybe someday this man will learn to open his mind to new ideas (and old ideas too) so that he can be more accepting of everyone who knits and does any kind of craft!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


The *WORST* day EVER working at Summerhays was today! I took a sabbatical for about 3 months to work at the Mosquito Abatement District (which is an AMAZING job) and Summerhays wanted me to work for the month of September for them.. so I said okay. What I found out, is that they hired a RIDICULOUS person to work there too. I am SO glad that my sister is working with me because I'd probably explode if I had to work with this super annoying girl without Heidi there.

There are a few reasons this new girl wants to make me scream:
1- She's not a very likeable person
2- She's EXTREMELY pushy
3- She thinks she knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING
4- She treats me like I know nothing
5- She ALSO treats me like a little kid
6- She talks to my customers while I am explaining something to them
7- If I could, I'd hit her (but then I'd probably get fired)
8- There are many other reasons, but I'd rather not discuss them right now... :D

Working with people you don't like is the WORST! I am going to e-mail my boss tonight and tell him... I've never had to tell my boss that I can't work with someone before because it is really easy for me to get along with people. I just don't think that I will be able to stand six whole weeks putting up with this ridicuous girl at work. I hope that I will be able to get it all worked out because --AHHHHHHH!!!!-- sorry, I had to scream... This is going to be the worst six weeks of my life!!

Sorry about this post-- I just HAD to vent a little!!


Oh and by the way, above is a picture of what I looked like when I got home from work... ripping my hair out... and screaming... and crossing my eyes... and being super stressed... not that fun :D

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cheetah Beret

I've recently been intrigued by Knitnerd's Mini Argyle Beret... and I am addicted to knitting them!! I have made 3 so far and I am planning to make even another (and possibly even another after that one... :D)

I have been thinking about patterns other than argyle that I can incorporate in this pattern for the beret. While I was looking through the patterns that I have collected from books and magazines, I found one for a cheetah spot pattern. I just barely got through fixing the chart so that I can finish the beret I am working on. (I just needed to find out how to make the decreases work with the cheetah pattern)

(I really want you all to enjoy :D)

I am excited to hear about and see the other masterpieces that everyone has made!! (Post them on
Ravelry so that everyone will enjoy them!)

Find the link to this pattern on the left of my blog in the "My Patterns" section or you can link to it