Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stash Dash 2016

I have finished my first project for Stash Dash 2016! I'm not sure which category I will be able to best utilize, so I have made a ticker tracker for each--by the end, I will make sure I know which group to post in. For now, I will just update this post with my numbers. YAY! I'm excited to finally get through this knitting debt!






Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bombshell: And Sew It Begins

Sewing. I am trying to expand my horizons and learn new skills! Last summer, my mom purchased a Bernina 817 for me at a yard sale. It cost her THREE FREEKING DOLLARS. Yeah--you read that right--$3. That is unheard of! So I took it to the shop for a tune up, and $75 later, I have an excellent sewing machine that will probably outlive me. I love it. My first project was a denim quilt--this machine is a WORKHORSE! It goes through 4 layers of denim plus 2 layers of quilting fabric like NOTHING. 

Anyway, enough bragging. For now, anyway. After my blanket, I spent some time making knitting bags, which I am quite proud of! They are completely reversible and can hold 2 balls of yarn easily. 

I pieced together a tankini and a bikini top because the tankini didn't quite cover enough skin to make me feel comfortable in public... The suit fit me perfectly everywhere EXCEPT where it REALLY counts. I love that top, but I wanted a suit with more of a support system and that fit me even better. 

I decided to make another tankini! So I did my research, bought a couple of bikini tops on sale from Victoria's Secret, and went in search of a tutorial of the perfect suit. I have had the bikini tops for a few weeks now and I have been looking since before I ordered them for the perfect match. 
These are the two I ended up picking. I really like them! I bought some black fabric to go with the teal suit, and if it works well enough, I will probably make a white bodice for the paisley suit! (Keep your fingers crossed!!) 

I surfed the internet for hours upon hours searching for the perfect tankini pattern. I didn't find one. So I went to the draft store, looked through the catalogs, and saw a disappointingly small number of swimsuit patterns. Ugh. And the ones that were cute would have cost me an arm and a leg. I finally stumbled upon the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern AND see along (which is PERFECT because I am fairly new to this whole sewing thing) and I fell in love. This way, I won't have to worry about a swim bottom! It comes included with the suit! 

I bought the pattern, read through it, read the blog, then researched all the projects I could (I still have a few to read--there are so many good tips out there!!) I went and printed the pattern at the copy shop yesterday, washed my fabric, and today I embarked on the making of the suit. 
I decided on the "B View". I didn't cut out the bodice pieces or the straps, because I already have one ready made! 
I am lengthening the lining about an inch. You like my paper weights? I love the rotary cutter. But can I just tell you that cutting this fabric is SO not fun?! It is stretchy and amazing, but wow. That just makes it more difficult to cut! I can't IMAGINE what it is going to be like to sew it...don't tell me. I might cry. Especially if I am going to have to rip any seams...(KNOCK ON WOOD PLEASE!!!!!)
I finally got all the pieces cut out. They are looking excellent. I am so excited to start sewing the basting stitches!

But now it is bedtime. It will have to wait. I feel like I have made some excellent progress today!! 

I love learning new things. SO much. Especially when they look like they are turning out decent. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Aaaaand...I'm back!

Wow. I am sorry it has been so long! I am SO bad at blogging this year!

I will show you what I have been doing while NOT blogging! 

1. I went so Seattle for the first time, went to so many AMAZING yarn shops, bought a new spindle, roving, and spun the yarn for this glorious new shawl! I love it!
 2. I decided to join a KAL for the Afternoon Tea Shawl on I added a hood and a clasp to this brilliant red shawl and now it has 112 favorites on Ravelry! (THANKS to everyone who have made such nice comments!) I also entered it in the Utah State Fair and received a blue ribbon! I recommend this pattern. It is awesome. Easy. and looks excellent!

 3. I finished a red sweater. It is made from Madelinetosh Prairie in Tart. Oh. My. Gosh. This yarn is SO BEAUTIFUL! Doesn't it look like the sweater is glowing? Because it is. The yarn is just...I don't know. SO worth the Big Bucks I had to fork out to acquire it. I started knitting this in June or July, took a small break, then just finished it this month. I used size US 5 needles (which is why it probably took so long) and Prairie IS laceweight, so it is super lightweight and totally awesome for layering. I love this sweater.
 4. I have finished my first SUCCESSFUL pair of socks. They are so soft. So warm (even though they are lacy). They are my favorite!
 5. My sister had a baby! Her name is Lydia. She was born 30 June, and she is SO adorable! I knitted her a blessing dress, and added pearly beads around the yolk. She looked so cute and I am so glad to FINALLY become an aunt! I was able to babysit her for a week while her mommy worked and her grandma was out of town meeting Lydia's new cousin. I do love her sweet face! 

These are not ALL the things I have knitted this year, but they are my favorites! 

On another note, I have decided to add some actual knitted things to my Etsy Shop. My Owl Cowl Knitting Pattern has proven to be my most popular pattern for sale, so I have decided to sell already-made cowls in my shop. I have 6 colorways:
Brown Owl, Grey Owl, Smokey Owl, Tawny Owl, Snowy Owl, and Black Owl.
As of today, I have three of the cowls finished and in the Etsy Shop. I hope to be able to sell these cute scarves! (And not get sick of knitting them!) I will put photos of each owl cowl when I have all 6 colors knitted up.

Thanks for reading! I will hopefully have another update soon! I ordered something exciting that will get here in about three weeks. (I will probably feature this exciting new purchase with a photo shoot!) It is kind of a big deal. (!!!)