Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lindsey J's Beret

I have recently started a new project! It's another Mini-Argyle Beret and I am so excited! I am knitting it with Knitpicks Merino Style yarn in Storm and Hawk. They are beautiful colors and I am glad that Lindsey, my friend from work, chose them. The Storm color is a dark blue and the Hawk is a darker gray. I can't wait for it to be finished! This time I have a deadline to make this because Lindsey will be leaving. Hopefully I can finish this beret in time--and I hope she will like it!

I have been knitting with
addi turbo (c) needles lately. I REALLY love them! I think they were worth EVERY penny that I paid for them (and that is a lot of pennies for a pair of knitting needles :D) I love these knitting needles SO much, in fact, that I just barely purchased 4 more pairs to add to my collection of addi turbos (c)!!