Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Been A While...

It's been a while. I am sorry--I have been extremely busy with school. (It's been hectic--just one of those semesters, you know!)

Anyway--back to business. I have been knitting/finishing some awesome projects in the last few months and would like to share them now!

The February Lady Sweater:
This amazing sweater took about 2 weeks total to knit. I LOVE it so much and wear it at LEAST once a week. I am working on another one similar to this one, but I am changing almost everything about it...except for the basic shape... I can't wait for it to be done! I should have a better picture of this, but I don't at the moment.

This is a pattern I recently designed. It is called Twisty, and is available for purchase on Ravelry. I am so excited that it turned out! I really love how the cables have that zigzag look to them and they are all interlocking with each other. I am working on a few other patterns that I will be posting very soon and I am equally excited for them too!

These mitts are one of my favorites! I was very surprised how easy they were to knit up--and they didn't take very long at all! I was so excited when Teal asked me to knit them for her--and I'm glad at how well they turned out. I have decided that I am making more of these mitts for my friends for Christmas. I am changing them a little, but they'll still be just as cute (or cuter!)

Owl Cowl:
Wow. I never thought I'd enjoy knitting a scarf so much! It was way easy (I am definitely on an owl kick right now if you haven't already noticed...) This is one of the other patterns I will be writing up next to sell on Ravelry. I knitted it with very bulky yarn so it goes pretty fast. I have also thought of selling them on Etsy. I will post links when I do!

I have been knitting a few other things that I don't have pictures for yet. When I do finish them (or photograph them--whichever comes first) I will definitely post pictures. Other than that, I have no more to write today! (But hopefully I will write sooner next time...)