Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bombshell: And Sew It Begins

Sewing. I am trying to expand my horizons and learn new skills! Last summer, my mom purchased a Bernina 817 for me at a yard sale. It cost her THREE FREEKING DOLLARS. Yeah--you read that right--$3. That is unheard of! So I took it to the shop for a tune up, and $75 later, I have an excellent sewing machine that will probably outlive me. I love it. My first project was a denim quilt--this machine is a WORKHORSE! It goes through 4 layers of denim plus 2 layers of quilting fabric like NOTHING. 

Anyway, enough bragging. For now, anyway. After my blanket, I spent some time making knitting bags, which I am quite proud of! They are completely reversible and can hold 2 balls of yarn easily. 

I pieced together a tankini and a bikini top because the tankini didn't quite cover enough skin to make me feel comfortable in public... The suit fit me perfectly everywhere EXCEPT where it REALLY counts. I love that top, but I wanted a suit with more of a support system and that fit me even better. 

I decided to make another tankini! So I did my research, bought a couple of bikini tops on sale from Victoria's Secret, and went in search of a tutorial of the perfect suit. I have had the bikini tops for a few weeks now and I have been looking since before I ordered them for the perfect match. 
These are the two I ended up picking. I really like them! I bought some black fabric to go with the teal suit, and if it works well enough, I will probably make a white bodice for the paisley suit! (Keep your fingers crossed!!) 

I surfed the internet for hours upon hours searching for the perfect tankini pattern. I didn't find one. So I went to the draft store, looked through the catalogs, and saw a disappointingly small number of swimsuit patterns. Ugh. And the ones that were cute would have cost me an arm and a leg. I finally stumbled upon the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern AND see along (which is PERFECT because I am fairly new to this whole sewing thing) and I fell in love. This way, I won't have to worry about a swim bottom! It comes included with the suit! 

I bought the pattern, read through it, read the blog, then researched all the projects I could (I still have a few to read--there are so many good tips out there!!) I went and printed the pattern at the copy shop yesterday, washed my fabric, and today I embarked on the making of the suit. 
I decided on the "B View". I didn't cut out the bodice pieces or the straps, because I already have one ready made! 
I am lengthening the lining about an inch. You like my paper weights? I love the rotary cutter. But can I just tell you that cutting this fabric is SO not fun?! It is stretchy and amazing, but wow. That just makes it more difficult to cut! I can't IMAGINE what it is going to be like to sew it...don't tell me. I might cry. Especially if I am going to have to rip any seams...(KNOCK ON WOOD PLEASE!!!!!)
I finally got all the pieces cut out. They are looking excellent. I am so excited to start sewing the basting stitches!

But now it is bedtime. It will have to wait. I feel like I have made some excellent progress today!! 

I love learning new things. SO much. Especially when they look like they are turning out decent.