Friday, March 20, 2009

Las Vegas and a Lucky Beret

This week I went to Las Vegas with a couple of my friends. We had a good time--with a few exceptions.

1.) Vegas DOES have a TON of free things to definitely pay for it (I paid for it by buying food there, the others also purchased food, but they also bought overpriced souvenirs :) )
2.) It IS awesome to see the lights and walk down the strip...BUT...the streets are lined with pornography--oh and I guess the billboards are too... (plus--there are people handing out pornography and throwing it all over the sidewalks so you can't even watch
your step without seeing something you shouldn't.)

3.) People are free to do just about anything they want there...BUT...this makes the air (and everything the air touches) smell like cigarette smoke and alcohol--which is not very pleasant.

Other than that--I had a pretty good time! I got to go to the top of the stratosphere, I had a delicious burrito, and I saw an awesome aquarium while the creatures inside were being fed dead pieces of fish. It was pretty awesome.

I may not have gotten lucky in Vegas this week on St. Patty's Day, but it came a little bit later.
My mom is awesome--she made one of my favorite dinners (Posole--a spicy mexican soup) and she gave me a weave (my hair is super blonde now, but I like it!)

I also baked some yummy cookies with my sister yesterday when she came to visit. Peanut Butter cookies with Chocolate Kisses on top--mmmm! Excuse me for a minute while I go eat another...