Thursday, December 2, 2010

The List...Again

I'm knitting through my list like a madwoman! I am so excited to give these things away! (My absolute favorite part is when I see these people I love wearing the things I love to make.) It makes it all worth the time and hand cramps I get when I work on my "speed-knitting" skills. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season because of the need to GIVE. It just makes me feel so good inside.

Here are some of my in-progress works:
These are the Ringwood Gloves, pre-dyed. They are now purple! (See below.)
Ringwood Gloves, dyed purple!
This is going to be a triangular scarf, it is the Baktus pattern. Super easy and amazingly cushy, simple, and just...ahhh. Relief.
Duffers, curled around my ping shoes! ADORABLE. I will felt them with all the other slippers I'm making! I modified the pattern to knit these in the round, and SEAMLESS!!! YAY. Much better, I say!
Gray Duffers. Love them!
I guess now I can do a pattern review for the Ringwood Gloves, Duffers, and Baktus (even though I'm not completely done with that one!)

Ringwood Gloves:
Really good pattern. I've made 3 pairs now, and they all look GREAT. The pattern is very easy to follow. I would recommend knitting them! I will probably knit this pattern AGAIN even! I used sock yarn all three times, twice using Sensations Kashmira, once with Knit Picks Gloss. I believe the needle size was a 3. Possibly a 4, but I think a 3. This pattern would be really good for a knitter with a couple of other projects under his/her belt--I wouldn't use this for a first project. Still, it is awesome!
These slippers are SO CUTE. I love the pattern. It's FREE, it's easy, and it's FREE. I don't particularly love seaming (it's just one more tedious step after all the knitting is done!) so I decided to make a seamless version because of it. I think I like my version better--it stretches a little more (or maybe I was just more relaxed--I don't know.) For the yellow slippers, I used a figure 8 cast on, which worked WONDERFULLY! I would definitely recommend using a really long circular needle (magic loop). It makes everything go smoother (in my opinion).
Baktus Scarf:
I can already tell that this is going to be an amazing scarf! I am so excited to get it done, wrapped, and given away! I purchased a yarn scale from Knit Picks, which is an EXCELLENT investment. Probably one of the best purchases I've made all year!

Anyway--I think that is enough talk--now for a little action! Happy Knitting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Balls of Yarn

I have decided to add some new items to my Etsy Shop. I wanted some earrings that would express myself a little bit, and decided to make a pair. They were so fun to make that I just had to make more! I have their titles and a link to the store below each picture.

If you would like a pair, they are $6.50 (Free shipping to the US!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Knit List

It's about time to start making a knit list for the winter season... I want the knitted treasures to be a surprise, so I won't spoil them until after they are given away. I enjoy knitting for people--especially if they appreciate the things I have made. Every once in a while I talk to or see an old friend who has one of my knitted items. (I am usually a little embarrassed because I think of how much better I could make that item now that I have some more experience!) Even if I am a little bit bashful while talking to these people (you know who you are!) I genuinely appreciate the love and adoration given to these knitted things (even if you are just saying those nice things to make me feel better--it works) THANK YOU.

On another note, my birthday was this month, and this is a picture of some of the yarn I spun from birthday roving! (I can't wait to knit it up!)
I've got some more birthday roving that I am excited to start spinning. I haven't had time for it yet, but I am looking forward to a day filled with that soon-to-be yarn!

This hat has been done for A VERY LONG TIME...about a year, I'd say. But I haven't thought about photographing it at all since making it. I really like it--it reminds me of a poodle (because of the bobbles.)
Crocheted Bobble Beret with buttons! It is very loose and a little scratchy, but I love how it looks and it IS comfy and warm.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blurb..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Utah State Fair

I finally decided to enter some projects in the fair. I think I came out okay! I got a first place ribbon and a second place ribbon! It made me so excited--I went to pick my projects up today and they also gave me a check for $5. (I still thought this was awesome, EVEN THOUGH it cost me $4 to enter...)

I entered my recently finished Shetland Tea Shawl (pattern by the genius woman, Elizabeth Zimmermann). It won 2nd place in the category.

I also entered my Lucky Beret (the Selbu Modern by another genius--Kate Gagnon Osborn). It won 1st place in the category.

I love the fair.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I feel like I've been slacking lately! I haven't written here on the blog for two whole months...obviously. I've been working on school this semester--which is an excellent thing for me. I have also been riding the bus to school nearly every day this semester, which gives me A LOT of extra knitting time (or study time, depending on what is going on that day).

I have finished a few things since the beginning of the year--and I LOVE all of them! I FINALLY finished the mitts out of the baby alpaca yarn that Marcus gave me for Christmas. They are SO soft and warm! I also finished my first shawl, knitted with fingering weight yarn--and I love that project too! My mitts for Ravelympics are finished as well (a picture of Emiline, my sister and model, is just below).

Right now I am trying to decide what to knit next. I DO have a few unfinished projects...but sometimes you just need something NEW! I will probably start bringing my second shawl to work on while riding to school (it's about 1/4 of the way done) because I want to start wearing it soon!

I am also currently knitting the "Deep-V Argyle Vest." It is 99% done--all I need to do is knit the neck lining! I don't know if I can bring myself to knit it though...I have fallen out of love with the colors I chose...I really wish I would've done something like black and white or chocolate and white--not cinnamon and tan! The colors still look good together, but I don't know what I will wear it with. I guess a white shirt and jeans will always work.

The days are getting longer and warmer. I am SO excited for spring to be here because I will be able to take better pictures of my knitting and of other awesome things. As soon as it starts getting pretty outside, I will be taking many more pictures and posting them here. I can't wait to start soaking up the sun!