Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Riding TRAX

Last week, school started. I rode the TRAX, which is a light rail train that runs through Salt Lake City. I decided to bring my knitting so that I'd have something to do other than looking at the other people. On my way home, a man sat across from me and I guess he was watching me for a minute, because he said, "Excuse me, can I ask what you are doing?" I told him that I was knitting, but I didn't get to elaborate too much because all of a sudden, he started going off on how "women" always do that kind of stuff and "women" like sewing and doing crafty things and "women" are the ONLY ones who EVER knit and sew and crochet and so on...

I wish that I could have jumped in and said something about how women are NOT the only ones who do this! There are millions of other people around the world who knit (Men, women, old people, young people, people in Canada, people in China...Knitters are everywhere)! Maybe someday this man will learn to open his mind to new ideas (and old ideas too) so that he can be more accepting of everyone who knits and does any kind of craft!

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Sara said...

I know this is an old post, however this is one of the funnies things I have read in a while. It made me laugh out loud. Kyle likes it too. People in Canada, people in China... Too funny. Kyle says men in Canada are weird and some in China too.