Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweater, Appology, and Random Ramblings

Hello all! I've been working on a sweater this month, and I'm almost done! This is really exciting for me because I've never gotten this far. I started off with the sleeves (which was a really good idea,) then I moved on to one of the front pieces. I got sick of the cables, so I did the back (It was all just a K2, P2 ribbing.) I'm ready to do more cables now--which turned out perfect! I don't have any of the pieces totally finished, though. I wanted to be able to match them up as I went, so I've only finished each piece to just below the armpit. I haven't figured out the shoulder shaping yet.

On another note--I finally re-published my All Over Cables Hat pattern so that the chart actually shows up. (Sorry for the confusion!)

And now some thoughts from me: Holy crap! The weather has been SO nice these last couple of days! It's been warmer and it has been raining instead of snowing! I LOVE it. Almost all the snow in my yard has melted. I just want to be outside a lot more--which is good since I absolutely LOVE being outside! (Especially when it's warm.)
I just got a letter from the Mosquito Abatement telling me that I can work for them again this summer. I am SUPER excited! It's my favorite job in the whole world! Reasons why I love it? I get to be outside all day, I get to help the community by killing pests, I also get to know my way around the city better, and I become more observant to my surroundings. I also got a dollar and hour raise with incentive for a $0.50/hour bonus if I don't take too much time off--which is the most awesome thing ever!

I can't wait for summer!

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