Sunday, December 27, 2009

December Knitting

I feel extremely proud of myself this year. I had a list of things to knit for people for Christmas gifts--and I finished 90% of them! I will have photos of them all very soon--I just want the pictures to match the people I gave them to.

First project: Socks for my dad. I have never knit a PAIR of socks before. This was a challenge for me. I have knit single socks, but never a pair. I actually did it (with a magic loop, of course) and it wasn't too painful. I don't think I could do two separate socks--even now. They end up being the same exact size when you do them at the same time.

I also knit quite a few pairs of fingerless mittens. The first pair I made were for Marcus. (Sorry, no picture yet). Second pair were for Paige (again, no photo). Macey's mittens--also with no photo. A pair for Teal that ACTUALLY HAVE A PHOTO!! And a lacy pair for Taren that also have a photo (not a very good photo, but a photo nonetheless).
Teal's Owl Mitts

Taren's Lacy Mitts

My friend Nic gave me a ball of baby alpaca yarn (SO SOFT) for Christmas and told me that I must make something for myself (nice of him--I hadn't knit for myself for a whole month!) and I decided to make another Calcite hat because I gave the first one away for a white elephant gift (lucky girl, fought tooth and nail to get it).

Calcite Hat

Marcus also gave me some baby alpaca yarn for Christmas--I haven't had a chance to knit MY OWN mitts (he also told me that I must knit for myself) I've just fondled the yarn a little soft...very nice....can't wait for my mitts!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

February Lady Sweater

Here is a picture of me wearing that sweater--I didn't have any good pictures of it when I made the last post.

And another!

And here is a hat I just made yesterday. I call it Calcite.. I'm currently writing up the pattern so it will be available on Ravelry very soon!