Monday, August 24, 2009

New Stuff

Today I started a new semester at the University of Utah. I REALLY love it there, but I was NOT ready to start school just yet. I have a chemistry class at 7 freaking 30 in the morning EVERY DAY! It's really not that bad...yet! I'm used to getting up early in the mornings. The problem I had today was paying attention. I haven't had to listen intently to someone who just stands there in front of you for an hour for a few months now--I need to retrain my body to be able to handle it again. I think it'll just take a few days.

Better news, though! I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket I have been working on this month! I'm SO excited! It turned out really well! I knitted it with Classic Elite Waterlily yarn that I got at a discount store--I would totally pay $12/skein for this (even though I only paid $1/skein). This was my first real lace project that I finished. I am learning to love lace. I have learned a lot by trying this new technique for knitting beautiful things.

I will list them here:
1.) Lace is NOT scary (I will remember that next time I want to try something new, especially in knitting, that there are only 2 stitches plus a few small variations.)
2.) Lace is fairly easy (Especially if you know which row you're on at all times and as long as there are no mistakes in the instructions or charts.)
3.) Lace is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! (But only after you block it, which takes WAY too long--but maybe it's just because I am impatient...)
4.) Lace makes you look like you're a much better knitter than you really are (By simply adding a few yarn overs and matching decreases to a project, you can have elegant knitting that takes your breath away.)

I suggest that you all go out and try some lace knitting soon! It's still fairly warm outside, so lace is a little bit better than hats...(even though I just started knitting one today...)

Thanks for reading!